Recipe Testers

Well, I need some recipe testers for this top-secret project I’m working on! If you’re visiting this page, it’s probably because you’re interested in this opportunity. This page sets out what I need help with, the expectations and a simple form to fill out if you decide this is something you’d like to help me out with!

Submitting an application on the form does not guarantee you will be a recipe tester. It will depend on how many people are interested and how many recipes there are to test.

How it works

  1. I will provide you with one recipe at a time, until you tell me to stop, to bake exactly as the recipe states. Can’t bake it, just let me know and a new one will come your way!
  2. After baking the recipe, you fill out a form that asks how the recipe turned out, how you enjoyed it, and to upload one or two photos of the completed recipe.
  3. You enjoy the baked recipe (yourself or with others) – but you will not share the recipe with others or post photos online.


  • You will follow the recipe exactly as it states, no changing or substituting anything for the purposes of testing.
  • You will point out any typos or grammatical errors you find.
  • You will point out any discrepancies such as an ingredient I listed in the ingredients list, but is not in the directions.
  • You will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep the recipe to yourself, not share the recipe, or post any part of the recipe or photos online.

Costs and Compensation

The idea behind the recipes is that they are easy, accessible, and affordable. Unfortunately, I cannot compensate or reimburse you for the recipe testing, but you will receive recognition in the final project if you agree to be named.


Happy adventuring!